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The first time I listened to Kpop was in June, 2006. The group was Se7en, and I instantly fell in love. I was listening so much that I learned Korean lyrics word for word, and found myself learning the language altogether. Kpop has changed my life.

Ever since my first run-in with Kpop, I have been collecting music from all of the Artists who have inspired me, and make me feel like a new person each and every day. KTOWN! KPOP Radio was created for those die-hard fans like me, who love kpop, and just can't get enough.!

I can't thank you enough for choosing the best radio for kpop and korean music online. If you absolutely love the stream, consider making a donation, and I will keep striving to do my best with this station, and provide you with the best music on the planet!

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